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Subject: Gay Tales From Richland.....Chapter 4-ADisclaimer: The story that you are about to read is my second go child retro imgboard
writing. I have read and enjoyed many of the authors who have
contributed to pics child fuck
What you are about to read are thoughts that I
have written down in a journal for many years. Some things are partly
true. Others are purely fictional. Names and places have been changed in
order to protect the innocent. There are graphic sexual acts portrayed
in these stories, so if you are offended by these situations, please go
no further than this disclaimer. children illegal
If you are not offended, please
continue and enjoy.GAY TALES FROM RICHLANDRashad & JasonBy Roger BealsChapter 4-A
##################################################################The child clips porno
Story Thus Far: Jason could feel the head of his ramrod pressing against the soft
inner lining of the pouch of the bikini, and wondered just when
Rashad's hand would return to his cock as Rashad had promised. Once
again, his silent question was answered when he felt Rashad's soft hand
on his shoulder, and begin to work its way down Jason's chest, stopping
to caress each taut nipple, which drew long, pleasurable sighs from
Jason. The hand continued down, dipping into Jason's belly button, down
the thin, blonde happy trail, and finally on to the cloth-covered
cock. Rashad gave Jason's hard-on a couple of gentle squeezes, and then,
to Jason's surprise and great delight, he felt Rashad's hand wrap around
the cloth encased dick. Rashad then began to slowly masturbate his best
friend. "Ohhhhh, fuck, Shad, that's fantastic!" Jason whispered as he broke
the kiss momentarily.<<<<>>>> % % % % % % %<<<<>>>>
As Rashad continued to masturbate Jason, he thought that he felt a
damp spot where the head of Jason's swollen member was straining
against the silky pouch. Rashad realized that his best friend could blow
any minute, so he acted quickly. Straddling Jason's lower legs, slipped
his thumbs inside the waistband child pornboy nude of Jason's bikini, and, very slowly,
slipped it on down his hips until the most beautiful cock in the world
sprang free from its confinement, and slapped against Jason's flat
belly. Jason raised his free child fucking
buttocks once more, allowing Rashad to remove
the cum-stained cloth from his body. Before proceeding with his plan, Rashad paused for a moment, gazing
in awe at the gorgeous sight lying beneath him. Now standing straight
and tall like a giant sequoia in a forest of thick, sandy-blonde pubic
hair, was Jason's pre-fuck leaking, 7 1/2" cock shaft Jason could not believe that he was actually allowing another man to
strip him naked, but he was loving every minute of it, and he was very
happy that it was his very best friend, Rashad Moore, who had done the
stripping. Rashad gazed lovingly at Jason's totally nude body. "Ohhhhh,
Jason," he whispered, "your body is soooo beautiful. I love every
breathtaking, naked inch of it, and your cock is something to die for!" "Do you really like my naked body, Shad?" Jason asked. "How about
letting me strip me so that I can feast my eyes on child paradise porn your nakedness?" "No, I don't LIKE your naked body, Jase, I absolutely adore it!"
Rashad exclaimed. "And yes, I'd love for you to strip me. It wouldn't
be fair if just one of us is naked. Rashad scooted off the bed and took Jason's hand and helped him to
his feet. The teens passionately kissed for a couple of minutes, then
Jason began removing Rashad's clothes. Jason started by removing
Rashad's tank-top, exposing his perfectly round and pointed brown tits.
Jason couldn't resist leaning over and kissing each succulent nipple,
running his hot wet tongue lovingly over each one. It pleased Jason very
much that he was able to pleasure his childhood friend enough to draw
soft moans from Rashad's throat" Jason slid his hand down to Rashad's crotch and was pleased to find
that Rashad's cock pornchild free pictures was as hard as rock. Before moving on to the more
important task, Jason gave Rashad's dick a few gentle squeezes, causing
his friend to grind his groin in to Jason's hand, and moan a little
louder. Jason knew from his own jerking-off sessions that Rashad might
be close to orgasm. Removing his hand from the crotch, Jason reached up
and popped the button on Rashad's cut-offs, unzipped the fly, hooked his
thumbs into the waistband, and slid them down Rashad's hips until they
fell to the floor. incest children films
Jason was surprised to see that Rashad was also
wearing his bright yellow string bikini, which, by the way, was
well-tented by his 8" fuck pole. Tentatively, Jason allowed his hand to
reach out and take hold of the pouch-covered hard-on, and began to stroke
Rashad's dick as if it were his very own. But Jason is not going to be
completely satisfied until he has removed every stitch of children sex video clothing from
Rashad's fabulous ebony body. He could not wait to see Rashad in all of
his naked glory. Jason placed his thumbs in the waistband of the bikini
and slid it down until the trapped cock sprang free from it's prison.
Down over the hips went Rashad's bikini, until gravity took it to the
floor. Now it was Jason's turn to standthe gorgeo in awe of us black man
standing in front of him. Now, don't get me wrong, Jason and Rashad children fucking porno have both seen naked men
before, but it was always child nude fucking
in the school locker/shower room after sporting
events and PE, but they had never, in all of the time that child retro imgboard they had known
each other, seen each other naked, though, if the truth be
known.....(fill in the blank). "WOW, Wow!" Jason exclaimed. "Shad, you are absolutely ravishing!
But I'm so confused, Shad. Where is this going to lead us? I'm happy,
but I'm scared at the same childporn gallerys time. best nude childs
"Baby," Rashad whispered, " I'm just as scared yong naked child and confused as you
are, but I'd really like to try to show you the way. Is that all right
with you, Jase?" As he was finishing asking Jason his question, Rashad
drew Jason's warm, naked body close to his own, wrapped his arms around
him, and planted a kiss on his lips. Once again the teens were locked in
a French kiss. Rashad reached down and wrapped his hot child and nudist hand around the
circumference of Jason's rock-hard ramrod and began to stroke it gently,
bringing moans of delight from Jason's throat. Loving what Rashad was doing to his cock, Jason followed suit and
began to masturbate Rashad's distended cock-shaft. Both teens were now
moaning softly in to each other's mouth. Within a few minutes, Rashad
ran his thumb to the tip of Jason's cock head. Rashad noticed that the
entire helmet felt wet and slippery. Rashad knew that it was now or
never. He rubbed the slippery prefuck juice all around the edges of the
deep purple head, paying special attention to the glans penis. Jason
nearly keeled over when Rashad's thumb touched that most sensitive spot
of his sex organ. Breaking the kiss that they were in, Rashad began speaking softly to
Jason. "Jase, I hope children fucking porno
that you won't be mad at me when I tell you what I
have to say, but I just have to say it!" "Shad, you should know me by now. I could never be angry with you.
In all the years that we've known each other, we've never had a serious
argument, have we?" Jason asked. "No, Jase, we haven't." Rashad answered. illegal children gallery "Well, then, whatever it is that you want to say to me, Shad, go
right ahead and freechild bondage say it," Jason urged him. "OK," Rashad responded, "but what I have to tell you has to remain a
secret between you and me. Is that all right with you, Jase?" "Of course, Shad! You and I have had a lot of secrets over the
years, and neither one of us has ever revealed one of them," porn child pix
replied, noticing that his lifelong friend seemed to be on the verge of
crying. "Oh, Jase, I don't know how to begin this. I've never said this to
anyone before, but it just has to be said. Jason Edwards, I just want
you to know that whatever happens from here on out, is happening because
I am child sexy panty deeply in love with you, and I have been for quite a while now,"
Rashad said, with tears streaming down his face. "I love you more than
you will ever know."##################################################################This ends chapter 4-A of Rashad & Jason. Chapter 5-A will soon follow.
What's going to happen next? Well, I can hardly wait to tell you, so
watch for the next exciting episode. If you have enjoyed this story so
far, and,
if you have any hacker naked child
comments or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to
write me at Thanks, and please, read the stories that all of the fine authors
have posted. darkcollection child They are excellent.Happy Reading
Roger Beals
Richmond, Virginia
United States of America
Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute?
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